Ass Controller Part 5 – Damien Stone | Johnny Rapid

This hardcore movie has been filmed by and was released by Drill My Hole. It stars two all-exclusive gay pornstars to Men, and they are the famous Johnny Rapid and me, Damien Stone.

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I am Damien Stone, and I am a body builder and a personal trainer, as well as being an escort when I’m not working on porn. I love sex and could have it for breakfast dinner and supper. I am five feet eight inches tall, and I have a strong smooth body and a tight ass. I am a top with black hair, sexy brown eyes, and I have a six-inch uncut cock. You can follow me on twitter here.
So far, I have starred in nine vids for Men, and this is the first time I have starred alongside Johnny Rapid.

Johnny Rapid is just about the most famous twink/jock pornstar around. He is cute as fuck, and he has starred in over 200 movies for Men. Johnny has a slim young frame and he is versatile and more than flexible. He is five feet six inches tall, has brown hair, lovely brown eyes, and he has a seven-and-a-half-inch cut cock, and in real life, he is straight. Watch all his videos here for free. A fan made gay tube site, just for fans of Johnny 🙂

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Johnny rapid is just finishing work when his friend comes into the changing room with a present for him. Johnny’s eyes open up wide as he asks what it is for. His friend tells him to pull his pants down as this toy is going straight up his tight ass. After plugging his ass with the remote-controlled toy, Johnny and his friend get in the car for a drive with the butt plug still deep inside him. As they drive, his friend plays with the controls using his phone, and it vibrates so much that Johnny nearly swerves off the road. What they don’t realize is that a police car is right behind them, and in the driving seat is me, Damien Stone. I pull them over.

As Johnny gets out of the car to talk to me, he suddenly shakes all over as his naughty friend puts the vibrating butt plug at top speed. I cuff Johnny and take him to the police station for questioning. Johnny starts shaking like mad as he sits down, and he is all over the place. I just stare at him when he shouts out that its in his ass. I quickly stand him up pull down his pants and make him bend over.

Wow, well fuck me! I broaden my smile as I see the sex toy embedded tightly into that ass. I feel my cock rise to the occasion and I start pulling that toy in and out of his ass making him cry out in ecstasy.

Johnny is so worked up that he tells me I can do anything he wants. I slap his ass and tell him to get down on his knees. I get my aching hard cock out and tell him to suck on it. He is a great cock sucker and after a while I bend him back over the table. I wiggle that butt plug around, and then slide it out. His ass is ready for the taking, and as I ram my cock balls-deep in to his sensitive hole, he shouts out even louder.

I get him on his back next, and I stroke on my cock as I watch him fucking himself with the sex toy. Man, I am so turned on that I get him to take it out, and I ram my cock back up his young asshole and fuck him in the missionary position.

Johnny Rapid shoots his load as he rides my cock, and I bend him over as I shove that butt plug back into him. I jerk myself off as I carry on using that ass, and everything goes blurred as my thick creamy white cum boils over and slides down my shaft and onto my balls.

Johnny Rapid is as good as everyone says, and I loved his tight ass as my dick was deep inside. I love my job, and I hope it turns you on as much as it does me. If you want to see more of me and my friends in hardcore action, then join, where they still update every single day with a new content. …

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