Who are the best gay pornstars ?

We can all talk about what makes a celebrity but there is nothing that beats the power of the popularity polls. We need to understand that famous people are not only those that we see in the mainstream media. They can be hot girl porn starts including gay porn stars. There are polls that will help determine the best gay pornstars and why people like them. We do not look at why or how. We know that there are a large number of people that follow one star.

Johnny Rapid – The #1 gay model on MEN

One of the most popular stars of gay porn is Johnny Rapid. There are many reasons why people like him and why he is one of the top stars. One thing is know for sure. He is a favorite star of gaypornstarstube.xxx , voted by many gay fans. Even some women that watch gay porn follow Johnny Rapid. Many of the fans find his work enjoyable in different ways. He is one of the best liked adult models atm.

Other Hot Gay Stars

There are many actors in the gay porn industry and there are some others that are making an impression with the fans. There are men that are looking to take the top spot in gay porn. Jake Bass and Antoni Biaggai and some other contenders. There are some men that put on a great performance and they all cannot fit on the pool. There are some leading porn models in the adult world. The next time that a video comes out be on the lookout for some of these leading men.

How do they get famous?

One of the features that affected the popularity in the pole is the number of videos the stars are in. If there were two leading males in one video they each go a point. The same applies to other stars in the video. The numbers of videos are monitored over a certain period of time such as a year or even a season before a winner is selected. If you have a favorite star be sure to watch their videos to increase their ranking.…

What happens at the gay porn awards stays in L.A

We go to the gay porn awards in L.A, films everything that happens, and gives it to ‘Drill My Hole’ to proudly show off. No scripts, just raw, hardcore action and their own words. These hot gay men are really hot for each other in real life, not just in the movies. This exciting episode sees two of the best adult models meeting up for the first time; it stars Jarec Wentworth and Luke Adams.

It starts off with the music, glitz, and the glamour, and glimpses of some of the best gay porn stars in the world; just who you would expect at such a prestigious award ceremony like this.

These two gay models wanna have fun

The next scene is six foot three, athletic hunk, Jarec Wentworth sitting on his bed speaking to the camera. He is all excited about the awards in LA, and his job: to go and pick up Luke Adams from the airport. He says he has seen some of Luke’s movies on MEN DOT COM and likes what he sees.

As soon as he sees him, it’s like they are old friends and they hug each other long and slow. Both of them start to flirt with each other straight away. Luke is doubly excited as it’s his first time in L.A, and he’s been nominated for the best newcomer category. As Jarec drives along, he asks Luke if he can see his muscles. They laugh like schoolboys as Luke peels his top off in the car and flexes his muscles.

Luke finds out that his room isn’t quite ready, but gets helped out by Jarec telling him he can use his room until his is ready. Both men are hoping that one thing leads to another. Knowing these two men, this will not be a maybe; it will be a ‘yes, yes, and yes!’ moment for them both.

As soon as they get in the same room they carry on flirting and laughing and making suggestions. They both get what they want as their hot mouths meet and they start to kiss.

Luke Adams takes of Jarec Wentworth’s pants and pushes him onto his back. Luke gets straight between his legs and takes all of Jarec’s eight inch cock down into his mouth without gagging. Jarec is in heaven and tells Luke he’s not surprised he has been nominated, he really knows how to suck cock.

Jarec stands up and bends Luke over so he can eat out his famous tight crack. Luke helps by spreading his cheeks wide open as far is it will go, whilst stroking on his cock in front of the mirror at the same time.

Time for hardcore action

There is only one thing Jarec wants more than his tongue in Luke Adams crack, and that’s his cock fucking his sweet ass. Keeping him bent over, Jarec stands behind Luke and slides it all the way in, as deep as it can go. Luke turns his head and they kiss at the same time as fucking. The room heats up and sweat rolls down their handsome faces.

Jarec drills Luke’s hot ass in different positions, eventually drilling him with quick and rapid thrusts ( just like Johnny Rapid would do 🙂 ), getting Luke even more excited until he comes over his smooth stomach. Jarec Wentworth fucks him even more and eventually sprays his thick white cum all over Luke’s cheeky young face.

After they have recovered, the phone rings and Luke picks it up. His room is ready and he leaves Jarec’s room asking him if he will be his date for the evening. He says yes, and Luke bumps into another one of his crushes in the corridor, gay pornstar Darius Ferdynand, who is also there for the awards. But not only that, his room is directly opposite Luke’s. Luke asks him if he wants to hang out in his room for a while, and much to Luke’s excitement, he says yes…
To be continued!…