Who are the best gay pornstars ?

We can all talk about what makes a celebrity but there is nothing that beats the power of the popularity polls. We need to understand that famous people are not only those that we see in the mainstream media. They can be hot girl porn starts including gay porn stars. There are polls that will help determine the best gay pornstars and why people like them. We do not look at why or how. We know that there are a large number of people that follow one star.

Johnny Rapid – The #1 gay model on MEN

One of the most popular stars of gay porn is Johnny Rapid. There are many reasons why people like him and why he is one of the top stars. One thing is know for sure. He is a favorite star of gaypornstarstube.xxx , voted by many gay fans. Even some women that watch gay porn follow Johnny Rapid. Many of the fans find his work enjoyable in different ways. He is one of the best liked adult models atm.

Other Hot Gay Stars

There are many actors in the gay porn industry and there are some others that are making an impression with the fans. There are men that are looking to take the top spot in gay porn. Jake Bass and Antoni Biaggai and some other contenders. There are some men that put on a great performance and they all cannot fit on the pool. There are some leading porn models in the adult world. The next time that a video comes out be on the lookout for some of these leading men.

How do they get famous?

One of the features that affected the popularity in the pole is the number of videos the stars are in. If there were two leading males in one video they each go a point. The same applies to other stars in the video. The numbers of videos are monitored over a certain period of time such as a year or even a season before a winner is selected. If you have a favorite star be sure to watch their videos to increase their ranking.

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